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Get to know the Budimex Group

Our story began in 1968. For decades, we have been working to achieve the position of one of the largest construction companies in Poland. Today, we are a Group providing a wide range of services in many areas of the economy. We are a strategic, trusted partner for business and the state.

We operate throughout the country and on foreign markets, m.in. in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia.

We carry out investments in a comprehensive manner, using our 56 years of experience. We have our own laboratory facilities, a wide portfolio of construction and railway equipment, thanks to which we can implement projects of the largest scale.

The foundation of Budimex’s business is construction, but our offer is much more comprehensive. Through its subsidiaries, the Budimex Group is developing the national charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, strengthening the country’s energy independence by investing in renewable energy projects, is the leader in the steel structures sector and strengthens its share in the area of facility management and waste management.

Strong values are the basis of our actions

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Budimex Group

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History of Budimex

Get to know the Budimex Group


Beginnings of activity

Budimex’s Polish engineering and construction teams spread across the Eastern Bloc countries and remote countries in Asia and Africa carry out numerous investments. In its first ten years of business, the company signs 75,500 contracts in Poland and abroad.


Establishment of Dromex

The Dromex Transport Construction Export Office, later to be known as a sister company of Budimex, is set up in the United Road and Bridge Works Enterprise.


Establishment of Budimex Poznań

Initially, it functions as a branch of the company and acts as Budimex’s General Contracting Centre in western and northern Poland. After 9 years, Budimex Poznań becomes an independent entity with capital ties to Budimex and then part of Budimex Dromex.


Privatisation of Budimex

The economic and political transition in Poland is a time of ownership changes for Budimex. Two years after the company’s privatisation, in 1994, it is transformed into a joint stock company and will soon make its debut on the stock exchange.


Budimex on the WSE

The company successfully enters the Warsaw Stock Exchange. During the first listings in 1995, the value of Budimex’s shares exceeds the issue price by 35 per cent. Their attractiveness is evidenced by days when Budimex’s shares are traded in excess of 25 per cent of the total turnover on the stock exchange.


Budimex as a holding

Budimex is the largest construction company in Poland and counts worldwide. At the moment Budimex builds in 23 countries and employs tens of thousands of specialists. It already has more than 2,000 employees working abroad – the second largest number
of the entire holding company in the country. Only 150 people are employed in the company’s head office.


Budimex Unibud, Budimex Poznań
and Mostostal Kraków

As a result of the merger of Unibud and Budimex Warsaw in September, Budimex Unibud is being established as a general contracting centre in central and north-eastern Poland.


Ferrovial is a strategic investor of Budimex

Budimex’s strong market position has been confirmed and strengthened by the purchase of the company’s shares by one of the largest construction companies in the world.

The Spanish Ferrovial Group acquires a majority stake and becomes Budimex’s strategic investor. The market position and know-how at Ferrovial’s disposal strengthen the company’s potential and competitive advantage.


Establishment of Budimex Dromex

As a result of the merger of companies: Budimex Budownictwo, Budimex Poznań, Budimex Unibud, Dromex and Mostostal Kraków, Budimex Dromex is formed – the largest general contracting company in Poland with a staff of and executive potential to execute the most complex contracts.


Budimex Olsztyn and Budimex Cieszyn in Budimex Dromex

Budimex Dromex is joined by the following companies: Budimex Olsztyn and Budimex Cieszyn. This concludes a fundamental stage of the group’s structural changes.


Merger of Budimex and Budimex Dromex

The merger is the result of a strategy that has been consistently implemented for years to consolidate the Budimex Group companies and is aimed at optimising the Group’s organisational structure. Thanks to the merger, the supervisory and management structures in both companies are simplified. Leadership and key business decision-making are improved.


Budimex in the RESPECT index

The company is a member of the RESPECT index, which includes the most responsible companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Being one of the largest construction companies in Poland, we are aware of our impact on shaping the environment and use our potential to achieve important social goals not directly related to our business. We want our responsible actions to also benefit future generations.


Creation of FBSerwis

Budimex, together with Ferrovial Services, are establishing a specialist company FBSerwis, whose scope of activity includes: environmental services, infrastructure maintenance, Total Facility Management and energy efficiency. This is another area of services that the Budimex Group’s offer is expanding to include.


Sale of Budimex Danwood

Budimex, implementing its business strategy, sells the company, which is the largest manufacturer of energy-efficient and economically effective prefabricated houses in the timber frame system in Poland. The new owner of Budimex Danwood is Enterprise Investors, which appreciated the strong brand and the value of the company built in the Group.


50 years of Budimex

Budimex has a significant share in the economic development of Poland. During the 50 years of its existence, the company has completed thousands of modern infrastructural, cubature and industrial investments.

A culture of innovation, improvement and following the principles of sustainable development have allowed Budimex to become a leader in the construction market.


Budimex takes control of FBSerwis

On 2 July 2019, Budimex concludes an agreement with Ferrovial Services International SE to acquire 51 per cent of the S.A. of FBSerwis S.A. shares for the price of PLN 98.5 million, and a day later an agreement allowing for the disposal of the sold shares.


A record year

Another very good year for the Budimex Group. The company records a historic level of sales and a record net profit, maintaining its position as the leader of construction companies in Poland. Budimex signs new contracts worth PLN 9 billion. The company’s order book exceeds PLN 12.7 billion.


Signing of the sale agreement for Budimex Nieruchomości

As a result of the negotiations launched by the
in December 2020, Budimex decided to conclude a conditional agreement for the sale of all shares in Budimex Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o.
The buyer is CP Developer S.ar.l. – a company established for the purpose of concluding an agreement by entities related to the company: Cornerstone Partners sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw and Crestyl Real Estate s.r.o., with its registered office in Prague.


Appointment of a new President of Budimex SA

Artur Popko – the current Vice-President of Budimex – was appointed by the Supervisory Board to the position of President of the Management Board and CEO of Budimex SA.


Expansion of the composition of the Management Board of Budimex SA

On 14.12, the Supervisory Board of Budimex appointed three new members of the Management Board, expanding the current four-person composition of the Management Board. The following persons were appointed to their new position as of 1.01.2023: Anna Karyś – Sosińska, Maciej Olek and Cezary Łysenko.


Budimex enters new markets

The company opens an office in Prague, Czech Republic. BXBau and RailBX are created in Germany. Budimex also achieves its first success after a year of operation in Slovakia – in July 2022 it signs a contract for the construction of the D1 motorway.


Green mobility

A new brand is emerging in the electromobility industry in Poland – Budimex Mobility. The company, which is to deal with the domestic development of charging infrastructure, establishes cooperation with a partner – Elocity and signs an agreement for the acquisition of 109 electric car charging stations from Enea Operator.


ESG Strategy Announcement

Budimex is intensifying its activities for sustainable development. The production and use of electricity from renewable sources, the assessment of the impact of business activities on water stress or the equalization of remuneration regardless of gender are some of the ambitious goals that the company wants to achieve in the next 3 years.


Budimex joins the transformation

In April, Budimex and Ferrovial establish a new joint-venture company. BXF Energia is to implement the Group’s business strategy and sustainable goals by developing projects and producing renewable energy – both for the needs of external customers and increasing the company’s energy efficiency.


Mostostal is the leader of the domestic market of steel structures

Mostostal Kraków concludes an agreement for the purchase of 100 per cent. shares of PPUH Konstalex. Thus, the company increases its generation capacity to 17 thousand. tons of steel structures per year. Mostostal gains new development opportunities and fits its activities into the diversification strategy of the Budimex Group.


Budimex among the largest companies on the WSE

After 20 years, the company returns to the WIG-20 index, confirming its strong position on the Polish stock exchange. It honors the efforts of over 7 thousand. employees of the Group, as well as the result of the trust of Partners and Investors and the persistently implemented effective and long-term development strategy.