We build a better quality of life. #Reliably

Governing bodies of the Company

We improve the quality of life.

“As a board of directors, we strive to create a working environment for our employees that not only provides safety and space for development, but also supports our mission to build a greener future for future generations.

At Budimex, we are fully committed to this path. We diversify our business geographically, expand our competences in the area of renewable energy sources or electromobility. We look at our activities through the prism of social and economic impact.

It is not roads and railways that are the result of our work, but your comfortable and fast mobility. It is not schools or offices that are our goal, but the creation of friendly spaces for work and life.

We are constantly changing ourselves and changing the world around us.”

Artur Popko


General Director of Budimex SA

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