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Our major projects

As part of Budimex SA, we provide comprehensive general contracting services in the road, bridge, railway, hydrotechnical and airport infrastructure sectors. We carry out investments in the field of general construction, energy, industrial and ecological construction. Annually, we carry out over 200 construction contracts in Poland and abroad.

We carry out investments comprehensively, using our 56 years of experience. We have our own laboratory facilities, an extensive machinery park of construction and railway equipment, that allows us to implement projects of the largest scale.

We are constantly developing our competences to be able to take on new challenges.

Investor: PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna SA
Realization: 12.2014-05.2021
Value: 3,646 mld PLN
Investor: PKP Polish Railway Lines
Realization: 06.2019-2024
Value: 2,02 mld PLN
Investor: PKP Polish Railway Lines
Realization: 06.2017-04.2021
Value: 1,5 mld PLN
Investor: PKP Polish Railway Lines
Realization: 04.2020-01.2024
Value: 1,5 mld PLN
Investor: GDDKiA Olsztyn
Realization: 06.2015-07.2017
Value: 1,09 mld PLN
Investor: General Directorate for Roads and Motorways
Realization: 07.2016-Part I (10km) – 01.02.2019
Part II – 07.2019
Value: ponad 1 mld PLN

Files to download

General Construction Information Brochure

Information brochure on infrastructure construction

Railway construction brochure

Information brochure on energy and industrial construction