Commitments to third parties and the market
  • The Counterparty undertakes to refrain from any activities considered unfair competition and undertakes to take care of compliance with legal standards concerning the protection of competition principles.
  • The Counterparty shall not bribe authorities and government officials, and shall prohibit its employees from making and receiving from third parties undue payments of any kind, gifts, donations or favors not covered by the usual market activity, or which, by virtue of their value, nature or circumstances, may affect the development of commercial, official and professional relationships in which the Company participates.
    The contractor establishes as the main guideline of its business activity the pursuit of achieving the highest quality of services provided.
  • The contractor tries to meet the expectations of its customers as best as possible and makes every effort to get to know their needs in advance.
  • The Contractor’s employees are responsible for taking care of the company’s assets entrusted to them, protecting them against any damage, loss, theft or improper, unlawful or fraudulent use.
  • The contractor guarantees respect for the confidentiality of data held about third parties.