We respect and protect privacy

Conclusion – Personal Data

Handling applications, inquiries and requests regarding personal data in the Budimex Group.

Any requests, inquiries and notifications regarding the personal data processed in the Budimex Group should be sent to the following address:

Budimex S.A. – dane.osobowe@budimex.pl

Budimex Kolejnictwo S.A. – dane.osobowe@budimex.pl

Budimex Budownictwo Sp. z o.o. – gdpr@budimex.pl

Budimex Mobility S.A.- gdpr@budimex.pl

Mostostal Kraków S.A. – dane.osoboweMK@budimex.pl

BXF Energia sp. z o.o. – gdpr@budimex.pl

RailBX GMBH – gdpr@budimex.pl

Budimex Bau GMBH – Datenschutz@budimex-bau.de

FBSerwis S.A. – rodo.fbs@fbserwis.pl

Budimex Parking Wrocław Sp. z o.o. – dane.osobowe@budimex.pl

The application should include at least:

  • Title containing the content: “Personal data – request – <phrase indicating what the request> is about”,
  • Content of the application.

The party handling the request reserves the right to:

  • direct contact with the applicant in order to verify and/or specify the application;
  • verify the identity of the applicant;
  • reject the application, in justified cases in accordance with the regulations.

Confirmation of the applicant’s identity may be carried out by performing one (or more) of the following actions in front of a designated employee designated to handle the application:

  • presenting an identity document at the administrator’s office;
  • providing by the applicant the content of the data contained in the data controller’s file and which unambiguously confirm the identity of the verified person;
  • sending to the administrator of the application/electronic message signed with a correct, qualified electronic signature of the applicant.