The Management Board of Budimex S.A. announces that on 11 May 2023 he contract has been signed between PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. and Budimex S.A one in the tender for: ”Demolition, reconstruction, expansion and construction of a building facility entitled: railway line No 104 Chabówka – Nowy Sącz at section A1 from km 0+576 (exist. km0+576) to km 6+100 (exist. km 6+109) along with technical infrastructure, along the railway line No. 104, along the railway line No. 98 Sucha Beskidzka – Chabówka at the section from exist. km 33+830 to exist km 35+313 and at the Chabówka station.”

The information that our bid was rated the highest in the tender procedure and that our bid was selected as the most advantageous one was published on 10 June 2022 in the current report no. 36/2022 and 19 September 2022 in the current report no. 57/2022.

Contract value: net PLN 366,057,633.33 including:

– Basic scope – net PLN 360,122,484.33 (including: Conditional amount – PLN 26,040,700.00),

– Additional scope (Options 1 and 2) – net PLN 5,935,149.00.

The Conditional Amount may be used to cover the payment for the scope to be executed by the Contractor, including but not limited to increased costs resulting from an amendment of the Contract made in accordance with its provisions or under the Public Procurement Law.

Works commencement date: a day after the Contract is signed by the other Party

Works completion date: Basic scope – 24 months from the Start Date

Option 1 – 108 months from the date of expiry of the Defect Reporting Period for the basic scope

Option 2 – no later than by the date of expiry of the Defect Reporting Period for the basic order, and if the Employer uses Option 1 – until its completion

Warranty period: 72 months

Statutory guarantee period: 72 months

Advance payment: 3% of the value of the Basic Scope

Payment terms: within 30 days from the date of the Employer receiving a correctly issued VAT invoice with all documents by the Contractor

Bank performance bond: 5% of the total gross price for the Basic Scope + additional 0.3% in the case of exercising Option 1

Maximum amount of contractual penalty paid by the Contractor: 30% of the net works value

Payment of a contractual penalty does not deprive the Employer of the right to seek damages exceeding liquidated damages provided for in the contract, in accordance with general principles, including those resulting from the loss of EU funding, if the loss of this funding was for reasons attributable to the Contractor.

Other terms and conditions of the contract do not differ from the market standards.

The contract value exceeds the threshold of net PLN 172,381 thousand.