Further to the following current reports:

Current Report No 12/2020 of 04.03.2020, Current Report No 28/2020 of 12.05.2020, Current Report No 46/2020 of 10.07.2020, Current Report No 54/2020 of 11.09.2020, Current Report No 22/2021 of 25.03.2021, Current Report No 32/2021 of 16.04.2021, Current Report No 44/2021 of 14.05.2021, Current Report No 60/2021 of 29.07.2021, Current Report No 65/2021 of 06.09.2021, Current Report No 39/2022 of 04.07.2022, Current Report No 45/2022 of 22.07.2022 and Current Report No 54/2022 of 26.08.2022,

The Management Board of Budimex S.A. announces that on 12.12.2023, annexes to the following contracts were concluded by and between Budimex S.A. and the State Treasury – General Director for National Roads and Motorways in Warsaw, concerning the implementation of investment projects titled:

  1. “Construction of the A18 motorway: Olszyna – Golnice (reconstruction of the southern carriageway), section 3 from km 33+760 to km 50+000”,
  2. Design and construction of the Suchowola bypass along national road No 8,
  3. Design and construction of the Sztabina bypass along national Road No 8
  4. “Construction of the Warzymice and Przecław bypass along national road No 13, divided into two project tasks – section 1 – from the Haken Roundabout to the Siadło Górne junction (junction excluded)”,
  5. Design and construction of the Szczecinek bypass along national road No 20,
  6. Design and execution of construction works for the task “Construction of the S1 Kosztowy – Bielsko-Biała road. Section IV – Oświęcim bypass”,
  7. “Construction of the Smolajny bypass along national road No 51”,
  8. “Design and construction of the Lipska bypass along national road No 79”,
  9. “Design and construction of the S1 Kosztowy – Bielsko-Biała road, section I/B – the “Kosztowy II” junction (junction included) – the “Bieruń” junction (junction excluded)”,
  10. “Construction of the S1 Pyrzowice–Kosztowy road, section: Podwarpie–Dąbrowa Górnicza (reconstruction of national road No 1)”,
  11. “Construction of the S6 express road along the Słupsk – Bożepole Wielkie section. Task 5: Leśnice junction (junction excluded) – Bożepole Wielkie junction (junction excluded)”,
  12. “Design and construction of the S7 express road on the Płońsk–Czosnów section, Section III from the “Modlin” junction (junction included) to the “Czosnów” junction (junction excluded)”,
  13. “Design and construction of the S11 road: Koszalin–Szczecinek, section from the Koszalin Zachód junction (junction excluded) to the Bobolice junction. Section 1 from the Koszalin Zachód junction to the Zegrze Pomorskie junction (junction included)”,
  14. “Construction of the Tri-City Metropolis bypass. Task 1: Chwaszczyno junction (junction excluded) – Żukowo junction (junction excluded)”,
  15. “Design and construction of the S19 road on the Haćki – Bielsk Podlaski section (junction included) together with a section of national road No 66 connecting to the existing national road No 19”.

The subject matter of the annexes concluded on 12.12.2023 is to increase the maximum indexation limit for contractual works from 10 to 15% of the net Accepted Contract Amount.

In accordance with the provisions of these annexes, the amounts payable to the Contractor for construction works performed after 24.02.2022 shall be adjusted to reflect price increases or decreases on the basis of the product price indices published by the President of Statistics Poland, as specified in an annex, until the remuneration thus increased or reduced reaches a new indexation limit of 15% of the net Accepted Contract Amount, while the previous indexation limit was 10% of the net Accepted Contract Amount.