We build with respect

Because we believe that our responsible decisions can positively shape the standards of the industry.

Our activities

We design responsibly

In the design processes, we not only comply with the legally required norms and industry standards, but also offer investors additional solutions to reduce the impact of the investment on the environment. We use technologies that are more beneficial from the perspective of balancing natural resources.

Moving to a circular economy

We give old materials a new life – we prepare them for reuse. We are also gradually increasing the percentage of recycled materials.

We prevent environmental pollution

We reduce CO₂ emissions m.in. by using low-emission means of transport and shortening the supply chain. We build responsibly.

We protect and restore biodiversity and ecosystems

We make sure that our investments do not disturb the surrounding nature, which is why m.in. Before starting each construction, we protect the trees from mechanical damage. We plant trees and shrubs to increase the area of green areas in our country. We ensure the safety of animals by relocating them.

ESG strategy

We are changing the world for you! And we change ourselves – this thought
guides the strategy we have adopted. We are ready!