We are changing the world for you!
And we change ourselves



Over the years, we have built thousands of kilometers of national roads and railway connections, and commissioned hundreds of private and public facilities. I am proud to say that we have contributed to the development of our country’s infrastructure. Today, we are facing a great challenge – how to build and develop as a business so that it is done in a sustainable way, with respect for the natural environment.

As a responsible business partner, we listen to our stakeholders, we are an active member of local communities, and we understand our impact on the climate.

We turn the knowledge we have gained into action – this will be the purpose of the Budimex Group’s sustainable development strategy for 2023-2026.

When creating it, we drew on the experience we have gained in both environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. Continuing the path set by the CSR strategy, we integrate the perspectives of many teams and expand the scope of our activities so that the path of sustainable development becomes close to all employees of the Budimex Group.

We set ourselves ambitious goals because we believe that only by aiming high will we be able to meet climate and social challenges.

We are changing the world for you! And we change ourselves – this is the thought behind the strategy we have adopted. We are ready.

Artur Popko


General Director of Budimex SA

ESG strategy

We are changing the world for you! And we change ourselves – this thought
guides the strategy we have adopted. We are ready!


We are aware of the scale of actions we need to take in the area of combating climate change and resource conservation, but investments in human capital and the local communities around us are equally important to us. As an organization, we want to constantly develop. This holistic approach is reflected in the sustainable development strategy, which touches on three areas: the environment, the social area and corporate governance.

“We build with respect for the natural environment” because we believe that our responsible decisions can positively shape the standards of the industry.

“We strengthen employees and business partners” because we know that only dialogue is a guarantee of sustainable growth.

“We manage responsibly” because we always put our values first.

We are changing the world for you! And we change ourselves.

Ewelina Karp-Kręglicka

Director of the ESG Office,

Quality and Environmental Protection