We strengthen employees
and business partners,

because we know that only dialogue is a guarantee of sustainable growth.

Our activities

We educate about safety

Out of concern for future generations, we have been successfully implementing our own program “Hello ICE. Budimex for Children”. Through direct meetings in educational institutions, we share our own experience with young people on how to take care of safety in public traffic, and we also educate in the field of first aid. We want to expand our offer for children and young people, increasing the scope of education also in the area of micromobility (safe on rollerblades/scooters/skateboards).

We support local communities

We are open to dialogue with the communities in which we operate and listen to their needs, which is why we take a number of actions to improve their quality of life. One of our original projects is the “Parent Zone” implemented continuously since 2012. Our volunteers in children’s wards of Polish hospitals create spaces for children and their parents. Thanks to places such as Parent Zones, young patients can break away from thoughts about the disease for a moment and spend time in a pleasant way. The program also supports parents who can constantly accompany their children in this difficult time for them.

Empowering diversity

The foundation of our activities is the Diversity Charter, of which we are a signatory. By implementing the diversity policy, we have committed ourselves to treating all our employees equally and creating an organizational culture for them based on respect for all forms of diversity. However, we are aware that building diversity can be accompanied by limiting beliefs, which is why we take action to raise awareness of what differences are and how to draw strength from them. One of them is the cyclical Diversity Week, during which we undertake many activities, i.e.: webinars, podcasts, competitions, trainings in which we activate and educate our employees in the field of diversity.

We create an innovative environment

In carrying out our activities, we use innovative solutions, because thanks to them buildings can function in a more sustainable way. At the same time, we create a sustainable working environment and support the creativity of our employees. For them, we have created the Innovation Zone – a space for submitting improvements – both small and large. By implementing most of them, we not only continuously improve our efficiency, but more importantly, we support the competence of innovation in our employees and co-create change in the organization.

Our activities