Our facilities include 196 devices that meet the requirements of European emission standards – Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6. They allow for the performance of earthworks such as excavations, embankments or soil exchanges in a total amount of 4-5 million m³ per year and more.

With the support of experienced and qualified Budimex staff, we offer our services both in Poland and abroad.

Thanks to our modern equipment and qualified engineering staff, we implement the largest infrastructure and hydrotechnical projects. Our production capacity allows us to carry out earthworks with our own resources at the level of 5-6 million m³ per year.

Examples of projects in which our equipment took part

S6 Leśnice-Bożepole Wielkie

Excavation in total: 3.2 million m³
total embankment: 2.3 million m³

Expansion of KGHM’s tailings disposal reservoir

Excavation in total: 14.4 million m³
total embankment: 14.4 million m³

Construction of the Racibórz Dolny Flood Control Reservoir

Excavation in total: 0.8 million m³
total embankment: 3.5 million m³

S19 Kamień – Sokołów Małopolski (task B and C)

Excavation in total: 1.4 million m³
total embankment: 1.4 million m³

S61 Suwałki – Budzisko

Excavation in total: 1.5 million m³
total embankment: 1.5 million m³

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