Machine park

Machine park

We have highly qualified supervisory staff as well as m.in. modern earthmoving equipment or professional low-loader transport and qualified staff watching over the course of works. We provide our services to the needs of the Budimex Group and to external entities.

We use the Integrated Management System, including: quality management system according to ISO 9001, environmental management system according to ISO 14001, occupational health and safety management system according to 45001 and quality assurance system based on the requirements of the NATO standard AQAP 2110. The effectiveness of these systems is confirmed by the certificates awarded and the constant supervision of external certification bodies.

What makes us different:

Equipment and transport park from renowned manufacturers that meets the highest applicable EU standards in the field of ecology and safety

Professional planning and top performance

Uncompromising approach to occupational safety

High level of quality management

Advanced machine control technologies according to 3D models in cooperation with the BIM department

Working with a European environmental management system and environmental compliance

An innovative approach to the circular economy in the production of asphalt mixtures

Implementation of investments throughout Polish and foreign markets

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Jacek Szumski

Director of Corporate Affairs technical OUS

Adam Żurek

Director of Corporate Affairs technical bituminous mass plants
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