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Innovation with Budimex

We support innovative businesses. We help selected start-ups in the testing and implementation phase. Looking for and supporting innovations, we cooperate with institutions, universities, accelerators, investment funds and external partners. We are looking for originators and creators of projects in areas where we constantly want to improve quality, efficiency, economy, care for the environment and safety.

Example of areas


Cleantech is an innovative technology sector that focuses on developing solutions that foster sustainable development and reduce the negative impact of human activity on the environment. As part of it, we search for and implement innovative methods of efficient use of natural resources, reduction of CO₂ emissions, as well as recovery of raw materials from waste, which contributes to the creation of more environmentally friendly processes and products.


As part of ConTech, our approach to modern building technology focuses on the development, implementation and testing of new materials, advanced building technologies and quality monitoring systems. These breakthrough innovations are essential for optimizing construction processes, increasing efficiency and increasing the durability of structures.

AI in construction
AI in construction

In the construction space, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way structures are designed, built and managed. We test and deploy AI to develop intelligent algorithms and data analysis tools that improve planning and prediction accuracy. We validate and validate the automation of construction processes, increasing operational efficiency and infrastructure sustainability through advanced monitoring systems and adaptive asset management.

Robotization and automation
Robotization and automation

We strive to develop the construction industry by introducing robotization and automation. We search for and test robots, autonomous vehicles and advanced management systems to increase efficiency, precision and safety during construction work.

Green energy
Green energy

We are looking for and testing solutions that will enable energy to be obtained from renewable sources. We focus on testing solutions that will allow for effective generation, storage and distribution of energy on construction sites, offices and laboratories. In doing so, we contribute to reducing carbon emissions and support the sustainable energy development of the construction industry.

Scope of activities

The Innovation Office performs tasks related to the area of innovation in the company, in particular:

defines and implements innovation strategies

builds and strengthens a culture of innovation

implements national and EU projects, cooperating with other areas in the organization

follows trends in new technologies and the possibilities of their adaptation for the construction industry

builds a knowledge base in the area of new technologies

analyzes the possibilities of using and implementing new solutions

builds an innovative image of the company

takes care of the protection of the company’s intellectual property

is looking for new sources of financing prototype solutions for the construction industry

An innovative solution increases safety on the construction site!

Co-financed projects

CONCERT is a project focusing on the development of robotics technology in the field of construction.


MICROCAPSULES – Development and implementation of innovative technologies for high durability self-repairing asphalt pavements.


3D printing of stairs at Elk station

We have cooperated with:

Business and cooperation

We invite scientific institutions and companies that, like us, are interested in the development of new technologies in the construction industry, to cooperate with us.

We are looking for business, institutional and scientific partners with whom we will be able to implement ambitious projects of innovative solutions with the support of external funds.

Questions about cooperation and business partnership should be sent to the e-mail address: innowacje@budimex.pl, with “BUSINESS PARTNERS” in the subject line

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Mateusz Kopacz

Head of Innovation