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Laboratory Services

Budimex has its own extensive laboratory and technological facilities. It enables effective, ongoing quality control of construction works and as-built analysis. Our Central Laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation with the number AB1414 (scope of accreditation, certificate).

We employ the best specialists, use the latest technologies and have extensive experience, thanks to which we can successfully implement even the most difficult challenges. In order to meet the needs reported by our customers, we are constantly taking steps to expand the scope of our research services. The laboratory equipment is continuously upgraded with new equipment for measurements and tests. As part of our activities, we constantly cooperate with recognized research and scientific units. We regularly take part in comparative interlaboratory and proficiency tests with a view to continuous improvement of research methods and customer satisfaction.

We consistently pursue our R&D goals and work intensively on the development of innovative technologies. Our priority is also care for the environment. Therefore, we are looking at the possibilities of using alternative materials in construction, including recycled materials and waste.

Detailed scope of our services

Our advantages

Modern and developed network of laboratories

Competent and experienced staff

Impartiality and independence in the procedure related to the performed tests

Maintaining the confidentiality of information and respecting the Clients’ property rights

Central Laboratory accreditation granted by the Polish Centre for Accreditation: AB 1414

Concern for quality, environment, safety, occupational health and information security

Test tube

Scope of services

Soil research
  • Land Survey and Classification
  • Tests of the suitability of soils for the construction of embankments
  • Tests of mechanical properties of soils
  • Soil filtration studies
Diagnostics of asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Pavement deflection measurement with the Fast FWD dynamic deflection gauge
  • Longitudinal and transverse evenness studies and macrotexture with RSP laser profilograph
  • Assessment of the thickness of the layers of the pavement structure using the GPR method
Testing of mineral and asphalt mixtures
  • Design and testing of mineral and asphalt mixtures, type tests
  • Rutting tests of mineral and asphalt mixtures in a large or small apparatus
  • MMA fatigue life tests
  • Asphalt binder testing
Concrete testing
  • Tests of the strength properties of concrete
  • Field tests of concrete mixtures
  • Cement testing
  • Determination of air pore characteristics in hardened concrete
  • Tests of frost resistance of concrete with the use of de-icing agents
Aggregate testing
  • Aggregate type tests
  • Design and testing of unbound and binder-bound mixtures
  • Studies of alkaline reactivity of aggregates by accelerated method
Field acceptance tests of road structure layers
  • Earthworks
  • Mineral foundations
  • Stabilization with binders
  • Dynamic soundings
Geological recognition of the subsoil
  • Rotary drilling

We have our own laboratory and technological facilities

Our laboratories

If you have any questions, please contact us at the e-mail address laboratorium@budimex.pl

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