The Rzeszów East – Jarosław section of the A4 motorway was built by a consortium consisting of Budimex and Strabag. The contract works included the construction of the A4 motorway with accompanying infrastructure (technical, structures and construction equipment) on the section from km 581+263.44 to km 622+463.44, i.e. over a length of 41.2 km. In the peak period of the investment, approx. 600 manual workers, operators, drivers, approx. 190 employees of technical supervision and approx. 350 hardware units (including operators). The area of the motorway (647 ha) corresponds to an area of approx. 774 football pitches and the embankment of the main route of 8,000,000 m3 (including approx. 500,000 m3 as part of the Continuation of Construction) is approx. 560,000 cars filled with embankment material, which would form a queue with a total length of approx. 7,600 km.
The motorway, taking over most of the transit traffic from DK 4, will improve its capacity, which is particularly important in the case of the surrounding built-up areas. Less traffic will improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, but also reduce the risk of accidents. What is more, it will significantly improve the condition of the environment. thanks to animal crossings, planting protective greenery or a tight rainwater drainage system.
The A4 motorway, located in the 3rd Trans-European Transport Corridor, is part of the route running from Western Europe towards Ukraine. The road runs from the border crossing with Germany in Jędrzychowice, through Wrocław, Opole, Katowice, Kraków, Tarnów, Rzeszów up to the border crossing with Ukraine in Korczowa. The primary task of the motorway is to provide a quick and efficient connection in international traffic in the east-west direction. The total length of the A4 motorway in Poland is approx. 670 km.

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A4 motorway Rzeszów East-Jarosław


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Rzeszow East - Jarosław

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GDDKiA Branch in Rzeszów


585 mln PLN