The Aparthotel in Uniejów, built by Budimex, is a modern and functional building with 172 apartments. The construction of the hotel required solutions that would make it easier for the staff and guests to use its infrastructure. The functionality of the facility is evidenced by a special way to the back of the building, appropriate organization of parking spaces or 4 elevators, one of which is intended for catering facilities.
During the 18 months of work, Budimex used 4,500m3 of concrete, 670 tonnes of reinforcing steel and 257,500 pieces of silicates. As a result, a building with a mullion and transom structure was created, with thin-layer plaster and façade panel cladding. The investment uses mechanical ventilation in public areas, gravitational ventilation in residential units and mechanical ventilation in hygiene and sanitary facilities
The thermal waters present in Uniejów, extracted from the depths of the earth, were used in the heating system of the entire facility. The implementation of the investment was associated with numerous challenges, with digging in irrigated soils, logistics, as well as with appropriate protection and fencing of the surrounding forests, as the construction was carried out in Natura 2000 areas. To improve the work, the DALUX program was used, i.e. an application that allows documentation management and access to projects from mobile devices.

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Aparthotel "Termy Uniejów"


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Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej Termy Uniejów Sp. z o.o.


54,6 mln PLN