The Communication Centre in Kielce is a modern and functional transport hub, serving public transport carriers, buses, long-distance and international buses. In addition, the facility also serves as a center for meetings and cultural and entertainment events. The main task of Budimex was to preserve the original appearance of the station and its characteristic shape of the saucer. Budimex took care of historical details – the inscription “station” and several elements of skylights were reproduced and placed in their original place. The original elements were donated to the Museum “Poland on Wheels” in Busko Zdrój.

The project also included demolition, reconstruction of the passenger information system and reconstruction of existing platforms. Over 105 km of cables and wires and about 2700 lighting fixtures have been laid throughout the facility, which are controlled depending on the needs of passenger service, time of day or passenger traffic. One of the most modern solutions are electrochromic glazing built into the façades, each with an area of about 9 sqm. They were imported specifically from the United States, and their software comes from a Swiss technology company.

A multimedia library was also created in the Communication Center – the so-called VR ZONE, which has been equipped with 9 stations with properly configured devices. game consoles. All passengers of the station can take advantage of the attractions. In addition, travelers can use the Media Library, which is a branch of the Municipal Public Library in Kielce.

Realisation details

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Communication Centre in Kielce


General construction





Start date


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Municipality of Kielce


55,9 mln PLN