Budimex has built a 32.5 km gas pipeline located in two municipalities: Zawonia and Długołęka, located in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. The contract also included the construction of shut-off and relief systems, access roads and new power connections for the facilities. The construction of the gas pipeline was a major technical and organizational challenge due to its location in the Natura 2000 area. Therefore, Budimex has also taken care to protect valuable natural areas through m.in. the use of HDD directional drilling technology.
The investment is located on the section from the Czeszów Shut-Off and Relief Complex to the Kiełczów junction. The contract was implemented as part of the construction of the Polish border (Lasów) – Taczalin – Radakowice – Gałów – Wierzchowice gas pipeline together with the infrastructure necessary to operate it. The construction of the Czeszów-Kiełczów gas pipeline is an important element in strengthening Polish’s energy security. Together with other gas pipelines that were built in Lower Silesia, it enables the transmission of increased volumes of gas in the transmission system and is part of the North-South corridor. The importance of this investment is evidenced by the fact that the European Commission has granted it the status of a “Project of Common Interest”.

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Czeszów-Kiełczów gas pipeline


Energy and industrial construction



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62 mln PLN