Giant Office is a modern and impressive office building, built by Budimex in Poznań’s Górczyn district. Its impressive façade made of concrete, brick and glass gives the investment a unique character. The building has been designed with attention to the smallest details. It also uses a number of innovative and ecological solutions. Thanks to this, Giant Office is an energy-efficient office building that maintains an optimal temperature in winter and does not overheat in summer. The high-class building has a BREEAM ecological certificate at the Very Good level.
It is also one of the largest buildings of this type in the city. Its total usable area is over 30 thousand. m2, of which over 15 thousand. m2 is intended for office activities, and almost 2 thousand. m2 for service. The functional diversity is reflected in the architectural form of the building. The ground floor intended for commercial and service space has been clearly separated stylistically from the office floors. It is distinguished by an unusual façade made of imitation of natural stone. The façade of the upper floors was made of hand-formed brick and 4-meter glass elements.
The interesting appearance of the building is not the only advantage of the investment. A great advantage of Giant Office is a well-thought-out office space, the layout of which has been determined on the basis of the analysis of the building’s lighting, so that all its users can use it as effectively and pleasantly as possible. In addition to the office zone and commercial space, the main hall was also built here, which was designed in the form of a passageway, connecting the external zone of the building with the internal courtyard.

Realisation details

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Giant Office


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Giant Invest Ltd. z o.o.


91 mln PLN