Budimex was responsible for the construction of a new multifunctional office and service facility in Warsaw’s Mokotów district for Transport Technical Inspection. The skyscraper consists of several interconnected segments, which are joined by a light grey, three-dimensional façade made of prefabricated concrete slabs. In total, it is nineteen floors, over 15 thousand m2 of usable area and a two-level underground car park.
The modern design of the project is expressed in the body, which has been divided into two parts. The first, lower one is a five-storey podium, in which the conference and office part are located. The second is a nineteen-storey tower with a height of 55 m, in which (from the 7th floor) there is a guest part with an impressive view of the panorama of Warsaw. A two-storey underground car park with 121 parking spaces is also located under the entire facility. The total area of the property is almost 24 thousand. m2, the volume of the building is 90,885 m3.
Particularly noteworthy are the interesting solutions used during the implementation of the investment, including m.in. the use of architectural concrete. While as a standard, concrete elements are subject to further finishing, in the case of the Transport Technical Supervision facility, the design assumed that the curtain walls would be made in such an aesthetics that would not require further finishing. A m.in was necessary to carry out the work. selection of the appropriate concrete mix or the use of dedicated formwork.

Realisation details

Full name

Headquarters of the Transport Technical Supervision in Warsaw


General construction





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Transport Technical Supervision


91,6 mln PLN