Budimex has built a conference and hotel centre with four above-ground and one underground storeys. The hotel building was designed and constructed with a monolithic reinforced concrete structure, partly shielded in a transverse and partly slab-column structure. The car park building has a monolithic column-and-slab reinforced concrete structure. The external dimensions of the hotel building are about 131×184 m, and the parking lot is about 82×32 m.

The main body of the building in the form of a quadrangle with an internal courtyard is preceded by a pavilion, “wrapped” with a reinforced concrete and glass wall, topped with a green strip and covered with a green roof. The oval shapes are the hallmark of the building: the walls in the hotel lobby, the terraces running along the rooms, the partition walls, as well as the interior furnishings: lighting panels on the ceilings, the bar and reception counters, even the floors are arranged in round shapes. On the first floor there are 14 conference rooms for 548 people with a total area of 877 m2. The rest of the floor has 330 hotel rooms and 30 suites. The total area of the building is 27,833 m2.

The ballroom with an area of about 1650 m2 in the hotel building is covered with steel girders based on a reinforced concrete structure. This room can be divided into smaller rooms with mobile walls. Unique functional and installation solutions were used in the project, e.g. unusual lighting, m.in. “Starry sky” imitating the solar system and others. The area related to the investment has been carefully developed. Roads made of granite cubes, tennis courts and a pond were made.

Realisation details

Full name

Hotel Narvil in Serock


General construction





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130,31 mln PLN