The construction of the Łagiewnicka Route is one of the most important investments of the city of Krakow in recent years. As part of the contract, Budimex commissioned a 3.5-kilometer route. The scope of work included the design and construction of a communication route from ul. Grota-Roweckiego to the intersection of ul. Witos, Halszka and Beskidzka. An important part of the investment was the preparation of a tram line that will connect the Kurdwanów housing estate with Zakopiańska Street.
Over 2 km, i.e. most of the 3.5 km of the road has been led in tunnels, the longest of which is over 700 meters long and is located between the Sanctuary of John Paul II and the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy. In addition, new road junctions, noise barriers, bridges, footbridges and sidewalks were built. The course of the Wilga River bed and the course of the nearby Kraków-Skawina railway line were also changed. Bicycle paths were built along the entire investment, and a new tram line from Turowicza Street to Zakopiańska Street. Recreational areas have been created above the tunnels, in the vicinity of Zbrojarzy Street, skatepark, sports fields and playgrounds.
As part of the construction of the Łagiewnicka Route, a new tram line with a length of approx. 1.7 km. On the section of approx. 700 m trams will pass in the tunnel. The new tram infrastructure will improve the city’s public transport system and improve the living conditions of residents of the southern districts of Krakow.

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Łagiewnicka Route


Infrastructure construction





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Mayor of the City of Krakow


684 mln PLN