As part of the works, Budimex completed three tasks: reconstruction and expansion of the Aircraft Parking Planes (PPS), construction of taxiways and construction of the PPS 12 apron located next to the existing cargo apron in the southern part of the airport, and expansion of the DK-A8 taxiway.
In the first phase, the DS-3 runway and taxiways were renovated. The top bituminous layers of the existing roads were removed, the existing structural layers were reinforced with steel and composite meshes, and the surfaces with the profiling of the longitudinal and transverse slopes of the DS-3 runway were reconstructed in accordance with the latest ICAO requirements. In the second phase, the aprons of PPS 2, 4 and 6 aircraft were rebuilt and the aprons for the Ground Handling Agent (AON) were built. The scope of works included a complete replacement of the PPS 2 and 4 pavement structure in cement concrete technology and expansion with new areas along with the necessary infrastructure and construction of a new system of drainage and electrical networks. The area of the renovated PPS-6 is approx. 20 thousand m2. The area of the extended PPS-2, 4 and AON planes is approx. 80 thousand m2.
The scope of works also included the construction of the new DK-N1 and the widened DK-D in bituminous technology, the reconstruction of the existing and construction of new drainage and electrical networks and the navigation lighting system.
In addition, drainage, navigation lighting and projector lighting systems were installed. A new eastern section of the patrol road around the airport was also completed.

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Landing area of the Airport. F. Chopin


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State Enterprise "Polish Airports"


253 mln PLN