The Marki Education and Recreation Centre (school and sports centre) is one of the most advanced public buildings in Poland built by Budimex. It is also the first public facility with a BREEAM certificate at the “very good” level. Thanks to the use of the most innovative technologies, the investment will, instead of consuming – produce its own electricity fed into the power grid, obtain water from rainwater and optimize energy consumption at individual points of the Center on an ongoing basis.

The construction lasted only one year and 7 months. Nearly 15 thousand. m2 of investment area, has been divided into two buildings. Building A has an educational function and a primary school with a library and a food block was built there. Building B, on the other hand, was dedicated to sports and recreation. There is a sports and recreational swimming pool with a separate SPA part, as well as sports rooms and a theater and entertainment hall. The whole facility is complemented by two outdoor sports fields with space for athletics and a traffic town.

Realisation details

Full name

Marki Education and Recreation Center


General construction





Start date


End date

Educational part - 09.2019
Recreation and sports part - 11.2019


Marki Municipal Investments


105 mln PLN