Budimex has revitalised the historic buildings of the former Vodka Monopoly. In addition to offices, the building includes various service points, such as restaurants and cafes, as well as an intimate square, green terraces on the roof, an art gallery, a theater, a toddler’s club and a kindergarten. An important element of Monopolis is also a museum dedicated to the history of Monopol Wódczany.
The basic assumption of the project was to restore the cohesion of the entire post-industrial area of the Polmos Spirits Plant. Preparing the facilities to perform new functions was as important as preserving their original appearance. The construction works carried out by Budimex were carried out in two stages. In the first one, the buildings of the former Vodka Monopoly were restored and adapted to new functions. In the second stage, the buildings gained underground garages, and the structure of the A3 building was also rebuilt.
The cultural and business complex in Łódź, Monopolis, received the “Oscar of real estate” during the MIPIM Awards in Paris. It is an international competition in which the jury awards the most outstanding architectural projects from around the world. The building won the second prize in the “Architecture” category in the Prime Property Prize competition. The award is granted to commercial facilities that bring innovative solutions to the market, set trends and are built with respect for the environment and the urban fabric.

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ViRako SP. Z o.o.


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