The Polish History Museum is one of the largest and most modern museums in Europe, with an area of over 44 thousand. m2 and 6 floors. The construction, which lasted 63 months, involved thousands of workers and equipment, and the value of the contract exceeded PLN 0.7 billion. The facility is distinguished by innovative acoustic solutions, including a special structure of the cinema and theater hall isolated from the rest of the building, which ensures excellent sound quality. Thanks to its unique design, the auditorium can be used for a variety of events, including conferences, performances or even concerts, without the need for an additional sound system. The exterior façade is covered with more than 10,000 m2 of Portuguese marble and glass, and the interiors are finished with wooden, veneered and stone cladding.

The Polish History Museum (MHP), located in the heart of Warsaw – at the Warsaw Citadel – is to be visited annually by approx. 500 thousand. Visitors. In addition to the permanent multimedia exhibition (7,300 m2) and the temporary exhibition (1,400 m2), guests will have at their disposal an auditorium with approx. 600 people and a cinema room for approx. 150 seats.

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Museum of Polish History


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Museum of Polish History


0,7 mld PLN