As part of the work, Budimex modernised the technical infrastructure of the substation, turnouts and overhead contact line, as well as new computer traffic control equipment. As a result, its capacity has increased, and trains will be able to travel at a speed of 200 km/h. The scope of work included, among others, works related to the construction of a new track surface with a subgrade and drainage system, demolition of the existing and construction of a new overhead contact line with a power supply system, and the construction of 12 new, very modern turnouts with a movable nose of the crossing, used on high-speed lines, which arrived at the construction site in special trains in 3-part blocks ready for direct installation in the track. A new signal box building was also built. After the modernization, the Olszamowice Railway Station is fully prepared for automatic control, without the participation of people. In addition, it is equipped with, for example, video surveillance, and the switchboard has automatic fire extinguishing systems.
Although the Olszamowice station is not a passenger stop, it plays an important role in rail traffic. Its modernization allows to increase the capacity of the CMK, on one of the busiest railway lines in the country.

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CMK – Olszamowice station


Railroad construction



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PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA.


47,214 mln netto