Budimex has built over 25 km of the S17 dual carriageway expressway, along with the accompanying infrastructure and engineering structures, on the Garwolin – Kurów route. The works resulted in the creation of m.in on this route. three road junctions – Górzno, Gończyce and Trojanów – and two service areas. The work was carried out in the “design and build” mode. The road was built by Budimex using the concrete surface technology. The over 12-kilometre section of the road from Garwolin to Gończyce has 45 ecological and hydrological-ecological culverts, 2 bridges, 6 road viaducts and 2 road junctions (Górzno and Gończyce), connecting the provincial road with the S17. A road maintenance circuit was also built at the section between Garwolin and Gończyce. In the Garwolin district, the route is over 13 km long, the Trojanów junction and two service areas (Wola Korycka and Mroków) were built on this section, a section of the road runs in a 13 m deep trench, and the four-span WD-34 road viaduct is over 82 m long.

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S17 Garwolin – Kurów


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GDDKiA branch in Lublin


495 mln PLN