Vistula collectors in arszawa Protection of the city against the effects of heavy rains 01.2020 – 07.2023 Implementation: MPWiK in the city of Vilnius. St. Investor: PLN 429 million net of the Vistula Pond – Stage III is a continuation of Stage II from the connection chamber with the Bielański Junction to the “Farysa” Plant with the “Wiślana” pumping station with a length of 1.2 km and a diameter of 3.2 m with pressure pipes. The target length of the tunnel is 9.5 km, the diameter of the cutting tunnel is 3.8 m, the drilling speed is 14 m/day. On the track peg route there will be about 70 inspection wells and 10 technological chambers. The track will be located at a depth of 6 to 15 m.

Realisation details

Full name

Vistula collector stage III


Energy and industrial construction





Start date


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in progress


MPWIK in the City of ST. In Warsaw SA


193 mln PLN