Budimex has signed a contract with GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. for the general construction of the 28 km long Warsaw gas pipeline in the “build” system. This is another gas pipeline after the Baltic Pipe section completed on time in 2022, implemented by the same Polish contractor. The gas pipeline runs from Rembelszczyzna to Mory on the north-western side of Warsaw.
The investment also involves the construction of a fibre optic network, an underground DN700/DN100 connection complex enabling the connection of the existing Jabłonna gas station, a gas station located in the immediate vicinity of the existing gas station, switching systems consisting in connecting the constructed gas pipeline with the existing gas transmission pipeline, a pedestrian and bicycle route constituting an emergency access for fire services with a length of 1.4 km, running along the existing a pedestrian and bicycle path, a cathodic protection system with cathodic protection stations with anode earth electrodes and galvanic anode stations.
Over 5 km of the route, i.e. about 1/5 of the gas pipeline’s length, will be made using trenchless methods – a total of 32 such crossings of various lengths are planned. Among them are five so-called long – two horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and three Direct Pipe passes. This way of carrying out the works significantly reduces interference with the natural environment – places of natural value, such as the Ławice Kiełpińskie Reserve on the Vistula River or the Młociński Park in Bielany, will remain intact.
The Warsaw gas pipeline is a strategic infrastructure project for Warsaw and this region of Polish. Thanks to the construction of the new gas pipeline, access to natural gas will increase both for industrial customers of the residents of the Warsaw agglomeration. The operating gas pipeline will reduce the emission of harmful substances, which will improve air quality in the capital.

Realisation details

Full name

Warsaw Rembelszczyzna-Mory gas pipeline


Energy and industrial construction




Warsaw and surroundings

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in progress


OGP Gaz-System S.A


189 mln PLN