Budimex and KZN Rail will expand the tram depot in Olsztyn

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On Tuesday, April 5, we signed a contract with the Municipality of Olsztyn for the expansion of the tram depot at ul. Kołobrzeska 40 in Olsztyn. The contract will be executed in a consortium with KZN Rail Sp.  z o.o. Budimex is the leader of the consortium – it has about 87.88% of the share.

Executor  in  Under  Tasks  obligated  is  into  Develop  Complete  project documentation  for  Expansion  Depot  with a division  on  Staging  (in  This  Obtain  necessary decisions  administrative procedures),  Implementation  Works  construction projects, carrying out  Attempts  and  tests  to the extent necessary to launch and put into operation all elements, equipment and facilities related to the performance of the order.

The investment is divided into two stages. The basic scope (stage I) includes the development of multi-discipline design documentation, obtaining a building permit, implementation of demolition works, construction of the track and road system in the depot area, along with the reconstruction of the underground infrastructure, construction of the parking hall building with equipment and construction of the service hall in terms of its structure, roof and external walls. Stage II (covered by the right of option) assumes the finishing and equipping of the service hall as well as the execution and commissioning of the traffic control system in the tram depot.

Total area: 8,100 m2

Cubic volume: 83,700 m3

The contract value is  90.5 million net

Completion date: 18 months