Budimex at the 14th European Economic Congress in Katowice

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On April 25-27, 2022, the XIV European Economic Congress will be held at the International Congress Centre. One of the sponsors of the event is Budimex. The series of debates and meetings accompanying the ECE will be attended by representatives of business and politics as well as scientists, practitioners and decision-makers from Poland, Europe and the world. Among the speakers will be experts from Budimex SA. including the President of the Management Board, Artur Popko.

The largest business meeting in Central Europe will be attended by over 5 thousand. participants, 700 speakers and nearly 300 journalists. For approx. 150 discussion panels will bring together representatives of the European Union institutions, European politicians m.in. from the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, as well as representatives of the largest companies. For the first time, the European Economic Congress will also be accompanied by the European Youth Forum.

Budimex cordially invites you to panels with the participation of its leaders, who , as industry specialists, will talk about the current situation in the construction industry and the challenges they face. 

– Artur Popko, President of the Management Board of Budimex SA.

Transport infrastructure in Poland (25.04 at 12.30)

The quality of transport infrastructure as a factor of investment attractiveness and competitiveness of the economy. Strategy for Sustainable Transport Development until 2030. How can infrastructure development support the implementation of the European Green Deal? High-speed rail in Europe  –  Polish plans and technical requirements. Competitiveness of rail cargo. Road network: bottlenecks, missing sections, investments of European importance. Key elements of point infrastructure: airports (CPK), seaports, intermodal terminals. Infrastructure and digital technologies – towards intelligent transport systems.

–  Artur Popko, President of the Management Board of Budimex SA.

Infrastructure   construction(26.04 at 13.30)

Road investment market: current situation, prices, availability of materials. The effects of another accumulation of tasks for the construction industry. The scale of investments and the potential of companies. High employment costs, shortage of qualified staff. Prospects for the implementation of the programmes: Bridges for Regions, Railway+ Programme, 100 Ring Roads Programme. The Polish market of infrastructure investments in the power industry  – resources, needs and challenges, executive potential. Development of extra-high voltage networks. Lines, stations, infrastructure elements. Types of construction and design works. Cooperation between the principal and the contractor market: contracts, valorization, risk, payments.

Artur Pielech, President of the Management Board of FBSerwis SA. – Member of the Management Board of Budimex

Waste management (27.05 at 9.30 a.m.) 

Challenges for the system organisers and the regulator resulting from EU directives. Investment gap – where to look for financing? Segregation and recycling or waste reduction? Extended Producer Responsibility – the impact of these solutions on the functioning of the waste system. Modern technologies in the organization of comprehensive and high-quality municipal waste collection. Energy recovery from waste and the objectives of the Green Deal.

– Cezary Łysenko, Director of Infrastructure Construction at Budimex SA.

Investments and challenges  (25.04 at 16.30) 

The current environment of Polish investments: construction costs, material prices, inflation, disrupted supply chains. What investments increase the resilience of the economy to crises? How to effectively stimulate private and public investment? Areas of greatest need: green investments, energy generation and infrastructure, transport, digital technologies. Financing investments in the light of key economic programs of the state.

Ewelina Karp-Kręglicka, Director of the Office ofPurchases,  Quality and Environmental Protection of Budimex SA.

Green building (25.04 at 16.30)

Goals, standards, technologies. The impact of the European Green Deal and Fit for 55 on the construction industry. New technologies and materials – green cement, fragrant asphalt? Renewable energy integrated into the building. Costs of low-emission buildings. Designers and users in dialogue – housing estates and office buildings of the future. Photovoltaic and wind power plants on the construction market.

–  Adam Skwarski, Investment and Development Director at Budimex SA.

Package PPP  (27.04 at 11.30)

Close cooperation between local governments, their units and the government sector? Projects in which this model may be a desirable solution. Precise definition of goals and conditions for implementation is the key to success. Basic barriers to expanding the PPP formula. Fears and discouragement: transparency of processes and pressure from control bodies at the interface between private and public. Examples of successful implementations.