Budimex has completed works on the Kamień – Podgórze section of the S19

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Budimex, together with the contractors of the neighbouring sections of the S19 route in the Podkarpackie region, has commissioned a more than 30-kilometre section of the S19 expressway in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The section completed by Budimex is 10.3 km long. The contract was signed on 9 August 2018. in the amount of PLN 335,932,922.85. The project period lasted 10 months and ended on June 10, 2019. The period of implementation of the works lasted 20 months.

The beginning of the section is located before the Jeżowe junction (formerly Podgórze), which crosses the expressway route with the provincial road No. 861. Then the route bypasses the forest complex from the east and changes direction to the south-west. On the border of three counties (Niżański, Leżajski and Rzeszów), the route crosses the county road No. 1084 R in the vicinity of the village of Wólka Łętowska, forming the Nowa Sarzyna junction (formerly Nowy Kamień). The section ends before the Łowisko junction (formerly Kamień).

As part of the investment, two road junctions were built (Jeżowe and Nowa Sarzyna), as well as seven viaducts (including three viaducts along side roads), five bridges (including those also serving as a passage for large and medium-sized animals at the bottom), an animal crossing at the top, a passage for animals at the bottom, and five culverts with an ecological function.

Budimex is also implementing another section of the S19 (Kamień – Sokołów Małopolski). Its advancement already exceeds 80%.

Complete information can be downloaded from the announcement of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.