Budimex will build part of the barrier on the border of the European Union and Belarus

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On January 4, 2022,  after negotiations with the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and the Border Guard, we signed a contract for the construction of part of the barrier on the border between the European Union and Belarus. We will implement the project on market terms, being one of the few companies on the Polish market that has the appropriate resources and experience to perform such an order professionally and on time. 

We have the potential and experience to complete such a task on time. In each construction cycle, we carry out over 200 construction contracts with a unit value of up to PLN 2 billion. As a company, we carry out the most complex construction works and engineering structures in Poland. In 2020, we built the largest flood control reservoir in Poland in Racibórz, with an area of 26.3 km² and a capacity of 185 million cubic meters. We carry out the works with Polish engineering staff (5 thousand people) and our own construction equipment (over 0.5 thousand units of equipment). We also engage Polish subcontractors and local companies to work throughout the country.

We are aware of the unique nature of this investment. We are on the list of strategic companies from the point of view of defense. Therefore, we have a duty to act for the benefit of the country in the event of special situations from the point of view of security. We responded to the call for the Holocaust in the same way. construction of temporary hospitals, or completion of road and railway works after other general contractors who have left their contracts. We are also the largest Polish construction company and we are obliged to support this investment with our knowledge, competence and equipment capabilities. This investment is a joint undertaking of the entire European Union and aims to stabilise the situation at the border – says Artur Popko – President of Budimex.

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