Commencement of work on the construction of the dam

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25.01.2022 The Border Guard handed over a site to contractors for the construction of a 186-kilometer barrier on the Polish-Belarusian border. On the section of the Białowieża Forest, the contractor of the dam is Budimex, which makes every effort to ensure that the works are carried out professionally and with respect for the residents and the natural environment. Budimex’s work will be carried out on a 100-kilometre section, the border strip along the Białowieża Forest accounts for less than 40% of its length.

Understanding the emotions that arise around the topic of the construction of a barrier on the Polish-Belarusian border, including in particular the section of the Białowieża Forest, 26.01.2022. Representatives of our company consulted with local governments. The meetings were attended by representatives of the army, mayors of 5 municipalities located on the investment route, forest districts and the Starost of the Hajnówka District.

During talks with representatives of local governments, we confirmed that as Budimex we have extensive experience in the implementation of investments in various environmental areas. We are carrying out construction works m.in. in protected areas, including Natura 2000, in many places in Polish. We have ensured that the storage and storage points for our building materials are and will be environmentally neutral. Our compliance with strict environmental standards is evidenced by numerous confirmations – over 100 BREEAM or LEED sustainable building certifications on our construction sites.

Although the order does not require it from us as a contractor, external environmental supervision will be carried out over the implementation of the entire investment.  We understand the great value of the Białowieża Forest and we want to work with respect for its ecosystem. The team selected to carry out the investment has the highest competences to meet this task.

We assure you that the works around the dam, transport and storage of raw materials will be carried out in accordance with the best construction and environmental standards. The following are planned m.in:

  • protection of the ground with double and triple insulation against leaks,
  • ecological first aid kits,
  • covering and securing construction equipment repair points,
  • protection of fuel tanks,
  • segregation and protection of waste points,
  • preparation of separate hazardous waste points,
  • fencing and monitoring of the areas.

Our work will be carried out during the day, and the planned traffic of trucks at the construction sites is several vehicles per hour. After the completion of the investment, all roads will be restored to their original condition or better than the existing one.

Work on the entire investment will take only six months. We are also on the list of strategic companies from the point of view of defense. Therefore, we have a duty to act for the benefit of the country in the event of special situations from the point of view of security. We responded to the call for the Holocaust in the same way. construction of temporary hospitals, or completion of road and railway works after other general contractors who have left their contracts.

The aim of our activities is to implement the contract that we have obtained through transparent rules for the selection of a subcontractor, while respecting the interests of local communities and the environment. We assure you that we make every effort to minimize the inconvenience of the residents and take into account the needs of the natural environment of the forest.