Contract for the extension of the access road to the A1 signed

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Press release of the Provincial Roads Authority in Łódź of 20.12.2021:

Today, the Voivodeship Roads Authority in Łódź signed a contract with the contractor for the construction of the provincial road No. 714, in the wake of the current county road No. 1164E. This is the section connecting the Łódź Górna junction on the A1 motorway and the third stage of the Upper Route planned to be implemented by the City of Łódź.

As part of the task, 2.3 km of the road will be extended (in the wake of the current county road) from the junction on the A1 to the planned roundabout on the border of Łódź and the Brójce commune (St. Rafał Kalinowski Street). The contractor for the works will be Budimex, and their cost is over PLN 27 million.

The scope includes, m.in:

  • extension of municipal roads No.: 106204E, 106205E, 106206E, 106207Ei 106208E;
  • extension of intersections;
  • demolition and construction of exits;
  • construction of a bicycle path and sidewalks;
  • construction of bus bays;
  • construction of temporary bypass roads;
  • construction of a temporary culvert;
  • construction of passages for amphibians;
  • demolition and construction of a bridge over the Ner River
  • strengthening of the river bed of the Ner River;
  • construction of a rainwater drainage system with open and closed ditches and inlets to the Ner River and drainage;
  • construction of road lighting.

The works are scheduled to be completed on 30 June 2023, and the investment will be co-financed by the Regional Operational Programme of the Łódź Voivodeship for 2014-2020.

The first works will begin at the turn of January and February next year. We will inform you about potential difficulties in advance.