Elocity and Budimex join forces – they will provide new charging points for electric cars

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Electromobility in Poland is developing intensively, and more and more companies decide to join the group of pioneers of ecological transport. One of them is Budimex, which is entering a new industry in the company of an experienced partner, Elocity. 

Budimex and Elocity will supply and manage new electric car charging points, which will be available in public places. This is another area, after investments in renewable energy sources and foreign markets, which Budimex is entering.  

Budimex is the largest construction group in Poland. Years of experience, expert knowledge, highly qualified staff and the quality of implementation at the highest level make the company’s management choose their business partners with caution. Therefore, when deciding to enter the new area of electromobility, Budimex was looking for an experienced contractor.  

“Electromobility is a natural direction of our development after the first investments in onshore wind farms. We have been analyzing the direction in which this industry is developing for a long time. We decided that now is the best time to establish a dedicated company that will develop areas related to electromobility in our Group – says Cezary Łysenko, Director of Infrastructure Construction at Budimex 

– When looking for a partner, we analyzed the offers of leading providers of software for managing the infrastructure of electric car charging stations and it was the Elocity business model that we found to be the most suitable for our needs. Very good opinions about the company, operators and owners of charging stations were also important. It is a Polish company with great potential and positive feedback from equipment suppliers. It is the ideal partner for our Group – emphasizes Jakub Długoszek, Director of the Infrastructure Construction Branch Północ 

At the moment, Budimex is already talking to dozens of local governments, developers and investors. It plans to create more than 100 charging points for electric vehicles within 24 months. We offer the installation of ready-made vehicle charging stations, service and system management at our expense. The only thing left for our partners to do is to provide space – adds Jakub Długoszek from Budimex. 

Elocity and Budimex. Getting closer to zero-emission transport with every step 

The contract that has just been signed provides for Budimex to purchase a licence for the Elocity system for its own charging stations and to provide charging services for individual customers. The publicly available stations will be available in the Elocity application, which already has over 280 points, and this number is constantly growing. Elocity specializes in managing charging stations for companies investing in electromobility. With technology solutions, Elocity partners can get their infrastructure up and running instantly without the need for additional resources.

– From the very beginning, we have set ourselves ambitious goals, thanks to which we are now one of the leaders in electromobility in Poland – says Michał Baranowski, CEO of Elocity – Intensive The development of our network is possible, among others, thanks to investors and companies that trust our experience. Cooperation with Budimex is another big step, both for Elocity itself and for the ever-growing group of drivers choosing eco-friendly, electric cars. The increased interest of large investors in the subject of electromobility shows that it is high time to see the business potential of the industry – Baranowski points out. 

Cooperation between Elocity and Budimex. The perfect time to join the ranks of pioneers 

Both companies have high hopes for cooperation and are focused on long-term activities. They are united by openness, similar goals and a coherent view of issues related to the development of zero-emission transport in our country.  

“We are very pleased that Budimex will be among the companies building the electromobility market in Poland ,” emphasizes Jakub Długoszek. We have been setting standards in the construction industry for years, now the time has come for new challenges. We see it as an honour not only to be part of the transport revolution, but also as our contribution to environmental protection and a positive change in the existing automotive standards – Budimex points out .


ELOCITY is a Polish EMP (electromobility provider) technology company that enables investors to earn money on the construction and development of publicly available charging stations. 

As one of the leaders in electromobility in Poland, it provides customers with comprehensive support, including: site inspection of charging stations, advice on official formalities, as well as installation, connection and marketing support. The business model is based on a unique solution in which profits can be generated both using Elocity stations and under your own brand (white label service). Thanks to favorable terms of cooperation and an extensive network of more than 280 charging stations in total, Elocity guarantees customers a quick return on investment. The company’s offer is ideal for entities looking for optimal solutions for their own car fleet. 

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