Information on tender for the construction of the bridge in Łęczna within DK82

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At the end of March 2022, we informed the Contracting Authority that since the submission of the Bid in this procedure (November 2021), the market situation caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed dynamically – which results in a dramatic increase in the financial risk on the part of the Contractor, and thus would also expose the Contracting Authority to losses if it decided to perform this contract.


Compared to November 2021. The prices of construction materials (such as asphalt, electrical wires or steel products, as well as raw materials, including fuel prices) and labour increased significantly. In some types of construction products, since February 2022, the prices of certain materials used in road construction (steel, oil, aluminium, bitumen) have increased by approx. 80%. The prices of steel products have already increased by 270% in total since 2020. Asphalt prices increased by 95% in the same period. The price of aluminum has increased by nearly 200% compared to 2020, tin: 250%.


We are of course ready to submit a new offer.