The General Directorate for Environmental Protection gives a positive opinion on the investment on the eastern border of the EU and Polish

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The General Director for Environmental Protection states that the rapid creation of a permanent dam will be much more beneficial for nature than the existence of a temporary dam and the presence of a large number of people at the border.

More than 20 large animal crossings (m.in. bison and other large mammals) are planned, as well as many smaller culverts. Ultimately, the state border will be covered by constant electronic monitoring, which will also be used to record animal behavior, which will allow, if necessary, to increase the number of large crossings. Therefore, the Polish fence will not constitute a significant barrier for wild animals on the migration route of pan-European importance.

More information from the Directorate-General for Environmental Protection: https://www.gov.pl/web/gdos/nie-mur-a-nowoczesna-zapora-czyli-bezpieczenstwo-z-poszanowaniem-przyrody