The interior designs of the next “House from the Heart” are ready

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As part of the second edition of the “House from the Heart” campaign, Budimex  and its Partners are building a turnkey house for a family of eight from the town of Brusy in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Construction and finishing works are in full swing! The interior designs of the house are already ready, and the sponsors of the campaign are providing further furnishings.

Another “House from the Heart” is being built for a family of eight from the town of Brusy in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Iwona and Krzysztof are parents of six children, including two chronically ill children. In addition to the challenges of the children’s illness and providing them with special care, the family is struggling with a difficult financial situation. Iwona and Krzysztof, in order to provide their children with better living conditions, decided to build their own house on the inherited plot. The work was started by the family, but due to the difficult financial situation, the construction had to be stopped. Budimex decided to help the family make their dream come true and, together with their partners, complete the construction of the house to a turnkey state. 

We already know what the interiors of the new house will look like: When designing the interiors of the house for the family of Iwona and Krzysztof, we wanted to make all residents feel good in it. Thanks to the fact that we have many  partners, we tried to coordinate the elements of the interiors that they provided us in such a way that everything was consistent and, above all, liked by the family. The interiors are full of warmth, with a large addition of natural materials, but at the same time very utilitarian, which is extremely important for families with children. We have a beautiful stone floor here, a lot of wood-like or wooden elements. In the children’s rooms, we have laid wooden panels with underfloor heating. In terms of colors – we have neutral colors: greens, warm navy blues, beiges. Of course, there will be pink and girly accessories in the girls’ rooms – says Maja Chęcińska, Interior Designer at Budimex SA.

KELLER was one of the first to apply for the construction of the new “House from the Heart”. We watched the construction of the first “House from the Heart”, we saw how much it changed life and how much joy this project brought to the family who lived in it. We liked the idea very much, because the effects of such support are visible and translate into an improvement in the comfort of life of specific people. Keller Polska has branches and works on construction sites in various places in Poland. We feel responsible for the environment in which we work and try to support local communities as much as we can. If we can improve the living conditions of even a few people with our support, we try to do it. After receiving information from colleagues from Budimex that they were going to fund a new house for another family in need and at the same time an offer to support this construction, we did not think long and decided to become one of the founders. With such a large project, significant financial support is needed, so I am glad that many companies are helping in the construction of the “House from the Heart” and I hope that the new owners will live well in it – says Artur Gaszewski, Chief Executive Officer of Keller Polska.

The full roofing of the “House from the Heart” was provided by CREATON, which provided excellent quality tiles. The roof covering was made to the highest standards by the general contractor, BUDHAUS, which also equipped the house with a lightning protection system. The decision to support Budimex’s campaign was also made by the company DRUTEX. – Drutex, one of the largest companies in Europe producing windows, doors, roller shutters and façade blinds, decided to support the House from the Heart campaign by funding PVC windows. We wish the new residents satisfaction with our windows for many years to come – says Zbigniew Bartosiewicz, Commercial Director for the Polish Market at Drutex.  The installation of window joinery was carried out by a local Family Company STOLTMANN.

The inventions of all participants of the initiative are certainly well reflected in the words of Agnieszka Pióro, Coordinator of the Marketing Department of DAIKIN:This project allows us to once again show our support to a family in need. As DAIKIN, we are well aware that in addition to the business world, in which we operate every day as an industry leader, there is also a completely different world, the ordinary one, in which people fight on their own not for profits and profits, but for their own good, peace and a dignified life in comfortable conditions. That is why we are proud to contribute to the co-creation of such a house and its warmth.  We believe that our modest contribution in the form of the Daikin Altherma heat pump, along with its commissioning, will serve the family for many years to come. The selection and installation of photovoltaics, on the other hand, is handled by the company SunSol from Gdańsk. – The house of Iwona and Krzysztof will be equipped with a photovoltaic installation of the highest quality made of components from proven suppliers. This contribution from SunSol will allow the family to have a fully ecological and smart home, and equally important, it will help the household members generate savings in the form of low electricity bills – adds Michał Kitkowski, President of the Management Board of SunSol sp. z o. about.

Castorama Polska is working on the design of bathrooms and kitchens that will meet the needs of the family. –  The story of Iwona and Krzysztof moved us very much – we decided to join the campaign and help make the dream of our own safe home come true. Involvement in projects such as “House from the Heart” allows us to implement our responsible business strategy. By deciding to get involved in the project, we decided to help in the best way we can. Our experienced colleagues from the store in Bydgoszcz at ul. Szubińska, will prepare the arrangement and designs of the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, we do not stop there and we will also implement these projects, providing equipment for these rooms in the new house. We know that the needs of the family are great, so we will also try to help you choose other products suitable for interior design, so that in the end the family can enjoy beautiful and functional rooms – comments on the participation in the “House from the Heart” program Paweł Świętochowski, Chief Executive Officer Business Relations and Social Projects at Castorama Polska.

FBSerwis also  joined the campaign for the second time SA: Our employees have proven time and time again that they have big hearts and are willing to get involved locally. It was no different this time. Without hesitation, we joined the action of building a house for the family of Iwona and Krzysztof and their children. This time, our employees implementing the contract in the Pomeranian Voivodeship will lay a concrete paving stone around the family’s house. We are proud to be able to take part in such an important and necessary initiative – says Rafał Kański, Executive Director of the Road Infrastructure Maintenance Division, FBSerwis SA.

The lighting for the “House from the Heart” will be donated by Sigma Lighting. – As part of our participation in the “House from the Heart” campaign, we will provide the family of Iwona and Krzysztof with a set of lighting for all 16 rooms. Among the products we donated will be ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, spotlights, wall lamps, as well as bedside and floor lamps – says Olga Kruszyńska, Specialist in Environmental Protection. Marketing at Sigma Lighting.  For the second  time, Blue Energy has also joined the campaign, which will donate IT equipment to the family. We are glad that once again we can make a contribution to improving someone’s life, and more specifically the life of the family of Iwona and Krzysztof. We hope that the computer equipment that we will donate during this campaign will bring a smile to the faces of children and will have a positive impact on the future of the whole family – comments the company’s representative. Similarly, once again during the “House from the Heart” campaign, the iSowa Foundation helps. This is the second time we have been involved in the “House from the Heart” project and we do it with great pleasure. We want a smile to appear on the faces of Iwona and Krzysztof’s children, which is why we decided to install a magic carpet in their new home. A magic carpet is an interactive educational device that is used for exercises, games and physical activities for children regardless of their age – Monika Chról, Director of Environmental Protection, sums up the participation in the campaign. Social Programs at the iSowa Foundation. Thanks to the help of the MAGNAT brand, the interiors of the house will be painted. External facades are made with the help of the FOVEO-TECH brand. The furnishing of the children’s rooms will be taken care of by the Meblik company.

Soon, the family will move to a new home, entering a new stage of life. Budimex and its Partners make every effort to ensure that the future home meets the expectations of the entire family as much as possible. Thank you very much for such a big support, for the help we have received. We are glad that such an action exists and that we have been chosen for this project – says Iwona, who will soon live in a new house with her husband and children.

On the campaign’s websitewww.domzserca.pl You can follow the progress of work on further construction and furnishing of the house. It publishes information on similar aid activities undertaken, both by Budimex and other companies – Partners of this project. The media patrons of the House from the Heart 2 campaign are Dziennik Bałtycki and Radio Gdańsk.